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About Sociology Optional

Choosing the right optional subject is the most crucial decision in making a perfect strategy for selection in Civil Services Examination.

Sociology is the new favourite optional of the UPSC aspirants. Now that UPSC makes everything very dynamic, our Sociology classroom course at JIGYASA IAS is focussed on helping the classroom students adjust to this dynamic nature by ensuring conceptual clarity, daily doubts clearing, regular answer writing practice and UPSC- pattern tests.

Sociology syllabus is limited and the concepts can be grasped very easily by any one. Sociology at JIGYASA IAS is taught by Mr.Lalit Sharma, who (with his years of experience teaching sociology to CSE aspirants) is regarded as one of the leading teachers and UPSC preparation mentor.

Sociology is one of the most result oriented optional in UPSC Civil Services Exam as -

  • The syllabus is very small.
  • It is easy to understand as all the topics are related to our day to day life, for example - Caste System, Religion & Society, Politics & Society, Family, Kinship, Role of education in society etc.
  • It is a safe subject as a student will never get very less marks, even if the paper is difficult or preparation is average. It is because the subject is easy to understand and anyone can easily write average quality answers.
  • It is the most helpful subject in selection as it can give very high marks if a student puts above average efforts.
  • Very helpful in general studies papers as understanding sociology covers many topics directly, for example - Social issues in paper 1, Social Justice In Paper 2, Role of family and society in socialization in paper 4.
  • Very helpful subject for Essay - as every year, one essay comes on topics directly related to sociology and social issues.
  • Plays a great role in Interview as sociology helps a candidate to understand society, its problems, possible solutions in a better way. Interview questions are aimed to see whether the candidate can work better for social development, policy execution and national development.
  • We all are having a good understanding of society as we are living in it & we are a part of it that's why Students from all educational streams like Engineering, Science, Commerce, Humanities etc can understand it very easily and can get a command very quickly.
  • Complete notes are available to cover it in a very short span of time (2.5 to 3 months)

All the above mentioned factors make it the most efficient and best optional subject for highly result oriented smart preparation strategy.

We at JIGYASA IAS, provide complete classroom teaching, guidance, study material, notes, test series and answer writing skill development for sociology.

Sociology Courses Offered At Jigyasa IAS

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Sociology Classroom Course
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