Daily Rigorous Answer Writing (DRAW)


An intensive daily answer writing program by jIgyASa IAS

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About Course

Dear Aspirants. Welcome to the ‘DRAW’, a high yielding programme to bring you closer to your aim of clearing the UPSC Civil Services Exam with good rank. It is an innovative product of JIGYASA IAS with focus on study- write-evaluate process.In ‘DRAW’ program, Team JIGYASA will give you expert guidance on covering the entire GS syllabus and scoring the best marks through the daily answer writing practice.

Why it is important ?

This quote sums up the importance of answer writing practice in UPSC CSE. We all enter the UPSC preparation with an aim of covering and memorising the vast amount of syllabus but we in the process lose track of applying what we know. Hence we fail to apply what we know. Application in UPSC is answer writing, which we are not willing to do.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Willing is not enough, we must do.”

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So in UPSC CSE it doesn't matter how much you know, what really matters is, how effectively you can convey what you know through answer writing. If you dream to become an IAS Officer, you must get a rank among the toppers. And to get such a good rank, the Mains exam is your gateway. Mains exam by its very design tests your knowledge (Information and conceptual understanding), analytical thinking, and critical thinking and comprehension abilities. These abilities of yours are judged through the answers you write in mains.

Good answer writing includes decent command over language, a legible handwriting, ability to make good structures of answer with an impressive introduction, effective and precise main body and a optimistic conclusion as per the demand of question. One has to grasp the context in which question has been asked and the demand of the question to write an effective, impressive and precise answer in order to fetch marks necessary for ensuring your name on the final list. Thus daily answer writing becomes a sine-qua-non for acing the UPSC game.

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What you will get?

Personal guidance & Personal mentorship from best mentors.
You will get your evaluated answer sheet within 24 hours.
3 mains questions 5days/week (Except on Saturday and Sunday) to write answers.
You will get model answers to all questions
You will get access to best answers of the day
You will get video lectures of experts on answer writing.
Daily ranking basis on your score

Who will evaluate your answers ?

Most important factor in answer writing practice is profile of the experts who are evaluating your answers. This is where DRAW stands out from other courses being offered elsewhere. If you enrol for the DRAW programme, your answers at JIGYASA IAS will be evaluated by core team members only. Our core team consists of experts who are graduates from IIT & IIM and have appeared in UPSC Interview many times. Some of them are selected candidates as well.

What will be the benefit ?

You will acquire the best answer writing skills.
You will develop the skills to understand a UPSC standard question and the answer it demands.
You will gain mastery over structuring and framing an answer.
You will cover the complete UPSC mains syllabus through answer writing under DRAW program
You will cover all important current affairs through answer writing.
You will get an environment for self-discipline and self-study
Any time personalized guidance and mentorship.

Who should join ?

Daily Answer Writing is the most crucial aspect for getting top ranks in Civil Services Examination and to ensure becoming an IAS officer. All those candidates who dream of becoming an IAS officer and are dedicated to fulfil their dreams must join this programme.

DRAW program is carefully designed by addressing each individual topic among all the papers. This approach divides the mains syllabus into 4 phases. Each phase covers roughly 25% of the total syllabus(General Studies Paper 1,2,3 and 4). By the time you reach phase 4 (i.e by the end of feb), we will make sure that you will complete the entire syllabus of mains and you will be geared up for prelims with the revision notes you will make through this plan.

Thus DRAW program if followed religiously and rigorously, will draw your future and in that future you will be able to see yourself as an IAS officer serving the country.