Sociology Optional For UPSC CSE

Sociology Classroom Course

For UPSC Civil Services Exam

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About Course

Sociology is the new favourite optional of the UPSC aspirants. Now that UPSC makes everything very dynamic, our Sociology classroom course at JIGYASA IAS is focussed on helping the classroom students adjust to this dynamic nature by ensuring conceptual clarity, daily doubts clearing, regular answer writing practice and UPSC- pattern tests.

Sociology syllabus is limited and the concepts can be grasped very easily by any one. Sociology at JIGYASA IAS is taught by Mr.Lalit Sharma, who (with his years of experience teaching sociology to CSE aspirants) is regarded as one of the leading teachers and UPSC preparation mentor.

Features of Sociology Optional

Full Syllabus Coverage

Course includes detailed, classroom discussions on all topics of the Sociology Optional UPSC/IAS syllabus. It is ensured that no syllabus topic/portion is left untouched or covered in a hurry or partially.

Current Examples, Latest Studies And Reports

Answers in UPSC Sociology papers are greatly enriched by incorporating examples from the current affairs, data from government reports and latest sociological studies. All these are shared in the classroom with the students during the course.

Limited Batch Size

We ensure that limited students are there in the classroom. Limited batch size ensures that every student is able to interact with Sir in the classroom.

Complete And Comprehensive Study Material

All topics in the UPSC Sociology syllabus are covered in our detailed, comprehensive and updated study material. This material apart from our classes is the solution for the students to top sociology.

Regular Answer Writing Practice

After each topic, Sir shares previous year's UPSC Sociology questions from that topic with students. He also gives some new, expected questions based his analysis of current trends. Every student is encouraged to write answers on a frequent/ daily basis and submit to Sir for checking. Regular answer writing practice ensures that the student is able to write Sociology optional answers as per the demands of the UPSC examination and score well.

Online Backup Of Missed Classes

If any classroom student misses any class due to valid reasons, the student will be provided recorded lecture of the class.

Lifelong Association

Every enrolled classroom course student is encouraged to stay in touch with Sir and the institute, attend classes in subsequent batches without payment of any extra fees and clarify any doubts even after the completion of the syllabus.

Course Fees Structure

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