About Us

About Jigyasa IAS

We are a group of committed professionals having years of experience and expertise aiming to do the best we can for our nation by producing the best officers.

Our objective is to enhance the inherent capability of our students.Your dedication and sacrifice steel our resolve to prepare an impeccable strategy for you and still in you the best of the skills and techniques for a flawless execution of the plan.

We are the leader in training aspirants for civil services examination having a core team of committed and experienced faculty. We help the students in connecting the static part of the syllabus with the current dynamics through regular current affairs discussion and problem-solving.

Mission & Vision


  • To provide a team of faculty members who are highly qualified, experienced and dynamic.
  • To provide personal guidance and intellectual discourse among the mentors and students.
  • To help the aspirant to discover their potential, to not only be a successful candidate but also to be a successful person in their lives.
  • To provide content optimisation along with time management for the preparation of the exam.


Jigyasa IAS Academy aims to develop a certain curiosity and zeal in the students. We are guiding the students to traverse the path from merely being a student to becoming an Aspirant and to accomplish the journey of becoming a Civil Servant who is an asset to the society and nation. We assure our commitment to the journey of an Aspirant by providing them with a strategic learning environment. We nurture brilliant minds and propel them to reach their full potential by intertwining the energy in the right mindset.

Director’s Message

I believe that learning is never a one sided affair as learning gives its best results with equal participation of Aspirants and Mentors to achieve a desired result. It is essential to adopt interactive teaching methodology. Our vision has to cascade down to every single person. We are able to give Aspirants confidence, whether on daily drives or unusual road trips.

I strongly believe if we create a culture where aspirants feel dignified, respected, and empowered, you are going to get the best out of them.