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UPSC Civil Service Personality Test (IAS Interview)

UPSC Civil Service Personality Test, commonly known as IAS Interview is the third and final stage of Civil Services Examination. Candidates who qualify Civil Services Main Exam get a chance for Personality Test conducted by UPSC.

Civil Services Personality Test is held from February to April at UPSC building in New Delhi. Six Boards are constituted every year to take Personality Test. Each board is constituted of 5 members. Board headed by a Permanent UPSC member, and other four board members are non-permanent members.

Personality test is done through a verbal communication by the board with the candidate. Average duration of test is 25 to 30 minutes, which varies candidate to candidate and board to board.

Personality test carries 275 marks. Marks allotted to a candidate are added up with his Civil services Mains Exam Marks to make a final merit list to allot ranks to candidates.

How to prepare for Civil Services Personality Test (IAS Interview) ?

This stage is of utmost importance as well prepared candidates can fetch very high marks to finally get a better rank in merit list. Candidates should work on their communication skills, confidence, clarity of thoughts, decision making abilities, and leadership skills apart from knowledge of current affairs. One should be well prepared for questions around all the information supplied in Detailed Application Form (DAF).

DAF based preparation can be done under expert guidance. This preparation includes developing primary, secondary and tertiary questions around all the information mentioned in DAF, developing impressive and convincing answers for all those questions and practicing them with a panel of experts in the form of Mock Interviews.

Issue based current affairs preparation can be done by gathering information, understanding issues and developing balanced opinions around them. Moderated group discussions are a good idea to cover these aspects in a multidimensional manner.

What Jigyasa IAS offers for Civil Services Personality Test (IAS Interview) preparation ?

We at Jigyasa IAS has identified four main pillars for Civil services Personality Test. These are

  • Communication
  • Conviction
  • Clarity
  • Confidence

We work with every candidate on one to one level to develop these skills and traits.

We offer following courses for Civil Services Personality Test Preparation (IAS Interview)

1. Guidance for filling Detailed Application Form (DAF)

Students have to fill a detailed application form online after qualifying Civil services Preliminary Exam. Information related areas of excellence, leadership roles, hobby and interests are very important as Interview board asks questions from this area.

We provide expert guidance and help students to fill their DAF to optimize their chances of getting expected questions and getting maximum marks in Personality test.

2. One to One DAF analysis

In this program we analyses the DAF of aspirants who are going for Personality Test on one to one level. This involves 3 stages.

Stage 1 – Analysis of DAF information and development of Primary, Secondary & Tertiary questions based on DAF.
Stage 2 – A formal question answer round with the candidate to provide critical feedback on quality of answers, communication, clarity, conviction, confidence and aspects of body language. Along with feedback, avenues for improvement are discussed with providing special tool and techniques to enhance all these aspects.
Stage 3 – A formal and final round of questions and answers to provide a final shape to achieve best level of preparedness.

3. Mock Personality Test for Civil Services Personality Test. (Mock Interview)

Mock tests plays a vital role in making a candidate ready for the final test taken by Interview Board at UPSC. We have experienced and observed that mock interview boards may misguide if board members do not have necessary exposure, experience, expertise and aptitude to conduct a UPSC standard interview and to simulate the UPSC Board environment.

We have given special focus to these issues while conducting mock interview. Our Mock Interview panel is headed by Senior IAS Officers who have served as Chief secretary of a state and has waste exposure, experience and great expertise with respect to personality assessment. Other members are serving IAS, IPS, IRS, ICAS officers and experts who guide Civil services aspirants throughout their journey